Wednesday, February 7, 2007

American Idle

OK. So there's nothing more worse than all those people who audition for AI, believing that they're God's gift to the recording industry.

Or is there??

Lynda and I spend most of the year waiting for AI to start and when it does, we schedule everything else around it. We've even got the girls doing mock auditions with us playin Randy and Paula!!!!

Having said that, AI carried us through those first agonising months in Bahrain. Faced with options like the Absolute B**ch from next door and the Nazi who allowed me to apologise for my dog killing 'her' cat that I later found out to be stray, AI was still the better deal.

Go AI! Go Bo! Go Taylor!

BTW, the Neurotic B**ch has since moved to AUH. Should you run into her... please run into her!!!!

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