Tuesday, February 13, 2007

St. Hallmark's Day

I'm still unwell, and it's Valentine's Day.

No gift this time Baby!!! Sorry!!

However let me say 'Thank You' for agreeing to go out with a boy 14 years ago on New Year's Eve.

A boy with barely a Dirham in his pocket, who wore your Father's Jacket & drove your Uncle's car to the Farm Party in Aweer.

Let me assure you however that the love that I professed for you that day, was all my own!!! That day will always remain the high point of my life!!! Marrying you was my 'Magnum Opus' and I only hope that I measure up to even a miniscule percentile of your expectations.

Thank you for the love, commitment and caring that you've provided me for all of these years!!!

Yours Forever!!!!!


Happy Valentine's Day to all who've been fortunate enough to find that 'special someone', and to those who've remained single in order to hold out for that someone, somewhere!!!

1 comment:

  1. My Darling....what can I say...you were a diamong in the rough and I knew that from the endless chats we had about Beethoven and wada pav! Why do I love you? - its because you love me...and that makes me feel like I exist! does that make sense? no ...oh heck...I love you coz you are hot!


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