Sunday, February 11, 2007

Of Sales & Bargainwhoreism

Last Friday marked the end of the winter sales in Bahrain.

Good citizens that we are, Lynda and I decided that once again it was up to us to singlehandedly save Bahrain's economy.

As always with all good sales, there was only rubbish on the racks and we did the customary tour of Debenhams/BHS/M&S/Mango & Zara

We all took our usual roles. Lynda - Spotting everything way too expensive and not on sale
Me - Bargain Whore!!
Aaliyah - Pest
Layla - Bigger Pest

Well, we did not get anything good except for my mother, whom I believe is probably the most fashionable Lady in the Women's Sodality!!! Any Sodality!!!!

On to Zara and I (yes - Me, not Lynda) wound up buying a Black Linen Suit. It must have looked good on me telling from Lynda's lustful looks. (Hey a man can dream!!!) Anyways. Liked it so much that I bought the one in Beige (Wheat??) as well. This I believe to be the biggest indulgence ever and I was quite guilty after that. For about 5 minutes.

OK. Will no longer do Gay posts. Promise.

Oh. Oh. Oh. Got two shirts one with tiny skulls & crossbones and the other Tuxedo style in black.

God!!! That was so Gay!!!


  1. That's metrosexual for you! You are far from gay..I should know!! wink wink...

  2. HAHAHHAHHAHAH!!!! Lynda's lustful looks????? That was hilarious...Keep em coming!!!


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