Friday, April 10, 2015

Product Spotlight: Rub 'n' Buff

During our last trip to the US we picked up a new product called 'Rub n Buff'. We found it at Hobby Lobby which I have to say is a huge huge store (not a good idea to visit when you are exhausted). Anyhoo we came back home and decided to try it on my Ram skull. 

The product is a cream that colors any surface you may choose. You rub it onto the surface with your fingers and it adheres beautifully with no rub off. No need to lacquer after either. We decided to apply it only to the horns of the Ram skull to kinda highlight them. And voila ! it turned out just fine. 

It comes in a variety of colors too, here we used Grecian gold which looks like a tarnished gold and surprisingly matches my framed sketch. And now my skull sits proudly in the chevron tray D made for me.

Here are some process pics. Have you tried Rub 'n' Buff before?? You like??

Ram skull in original state of full white

That grey line there is where the skull cracked and we glued it up but I never got round to painting it

Be sure to tape off the area you plan to color in before you start. Being a creamy product it would tend to spill over.

We decided to leave it a bit unfinished by not pushing the cream into the it a rustic look.


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