Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How my Conscience became the most expensive tool in my arsenal

There's no denying that I'm a Tool Whore. I try to be up to date on the latest and greatest in the tool world and where money allows, I like to have these in my possession.
Recently one of the guys that assists me, commented on the amount of tools required to finish a project and how sometimes there's that one tool that will do just the one job and nothing else.. He then asked what would be the most expensive tool in my possession. Now, I'm not a fan boy when it comes to tools. I won't buy the brand names just because they have the 'contractor' moniker on it. I'll do well enough with a couple of grades lower. My Ryobi 18 One+ system has been with me 7 years now without a hiccup.
So I thought about the question and came to the realization that if there's one thing that cost me more in time and money, it would be my conscience. How so??? Oftentimes on jobs, I run into issues not of my making and not inherently connected to the work I'm doing. If the homeowner is around, I explain the need to rectify the problem before carrying on. If not, I'm faced with the quandary of lost time, or fix it at my cost and move on. Many times, it's the latter. Sometimes customers agree to the fix. Mostly they don't.

And so, Conscience costs me time, money and stress. I should box this and sell this new line of tools. Conscience - You pay a lot, but there's nothing to show for it!!!!


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