Monday, April 27, 2015

One Man's Junk is Truly Another Man's Junk!!!

This Sunday truly lived up to it's name. It was still a little bit cooler, but the sun was out and goaded by the promise of rising temps by afternoon, we decided a drive into the country was in order. Not one to miss an opportunity I hit up and found some Estate Sales in North Brampton and some in Caledon.

The first sale did not yield much with the exception of an 18" concave mirror, of the security variant found in small stores. I have grand plans for this and I hope my plan does not end up costing me a grand.

After that we hit the real countryside all the while looking out for the house numbers that would lead us to the next sale. We gave up after we found that the house number in question did not seem to exist. Ditto with the second one.... We settled in and decided to just enjoy the drive instead with the girls educating us on the latest Indie music and how they hated it when the mainstream radio stations started playing them. Elitists, me thinks.

Soon after, we spotted a sign for an Estate Sale. Seats up. Hopes up. Wallet at the ready...

We actually walked out without buying a thing. The Estate Sale turned out to be a junk sale of sorts. Nothing was itemized or categorized. More importantly, nothing seemed to be clean and everything was most certainly overpriced. One Garage, actually a Grand Hall, was filled with the remnants of what was once, I hope, a thriving restaurant or catering business. While, we did see beautiful Stainless Steel prep tables that could have doubled as industrial themed console tables and Butcher Block topped tables that could serve as Kitchen Islands, they were priced out of our reach and the items were too far away from Loft Living Torontonians who might have actually entertained the purchase. The sale was being managed by a professional company, that did not seem to have done it's homework too well. Cleaned up, and sold on Queen St. W., some of these tables would've easily fetched their asking price and then some.

The next unit, for want of a better word, was where the real junk truly was. And yet we ventured in, looked around, poked at stuff and took a few pictures. And so we left, feeling a little bit better about the stuff that we've amassed over the years and thankful - oh so thankful for Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes.........

There seemed to be a lot of wood. So many board feet. I bet some of my Instagrammers would have popped a woody...

More wood - more woody.... 

Woody!!!??? Whatcha doing there. Is it over between you and Andy???? 

Take a seat???? I'll pass. Thank you very much..... 

 No. Really. I'll stand.

There must be something good that we could find here. That Nate Berkus Turtle shell maybe?? That I hesitated to buy and sold out... What's that about being haunted by the stuff we did not buy????

 I did find a radius gauge and a planer. The radius gauge was bent and I could not get the planer's lift mechanism to work. I really want a planer. Maybe indiegogo. Nah. Too much trouble.

 This space was large. I imagined it to be my workshop. Ah. The joy!!!!!

 More wood. And plastic bottles......

Oddly enough, This was the one good piece. But I was too afraid to open the drawers or the doors. 

 Still more wood.

And then some more.

I'm quite convinced that the b in garage sale was an erroneous omission. I'll have the Hand Sanitizer now please and thankyouverymuch.

Thrift On!!! - Dhiraj D'Souza

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