Monday, April 20, 2015

How to add color to your outdoor spaces

With the arrival of April I am dreaming of sitting out on my front patio which I call my 'Summer Heaven' and chilling with my favorite book and some iced tea. While trolling Domaine I found some pretty cool spaces that inspire me to add more color into my patio decor. Here are two spaces that I completely fell for.........

Home of Jen Atkin celebrity Stylist which was decorated by Domaine creative director Mat Sanders and Interior Designer Brandon Quattrone:

Those patterned cement tiles......

Always thought art on the exterior walls is uber cool !

Really liked how they have created different zones in one space

This rug and that moroccan table....

The green foliage on the vertical walls is a pretty unique idea

You can see the full article here.

The other outdoor space that inspired me was the home of Diana Agron from the TV series Glee. It's bohemian vibe and bright colors make the space so inviting and cozy. This home too was decorated by Mat Sanders of Domaine

The blue of these cushions is so eye catching


Love the idea of a shelving stand holding pottery as opposed to plants

These peacock chairs..............I have always wanted one

You can see the full article here.

Well yesterday I did dress up my front patio as I had some girlfriends over. I was desperate for a coffee table on the patio and you have to see what D made for the next post !

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