Monday, March 30, 2009

My Most Eggciting Project Yet!!!

Where do you get an egg holder with a 90 egg capacity? Not in your refrigerator for sure!!!

This is in response to Lynda's need to display eggs that her staff will be decorating for an Easter competition. As with everything that we do, we decided to stretch the limits on this project and made the biggest egg stand that the shelving cabinets could accommodate.

It measures 90 inches long, has three steps and is affixed with labels for the participants names to be written.

I would've liked it to be in a darker stain, but keeping with the theme of Easter and freshness, I decided to apply a clear varnish instead.

I constructed this from pine boards using 3 pcs. of 1x4x8', 2 pcs. of 1x2x8' and 2 pcs. of 1x2x6' as risers. I used a 1.25" Forstner bit to bore the holes which are 3" apart. The 3" came from the label size and worked in my favour as 90" was equally divisible by 3"

I assembled the unit using screws and completed the entire task along with the sanding, the 3 coats of varnish and the sanding between coats in two days. It took me two and a half hours to affix the individual labels in a perfect line - a task I completed by midnight last night.

Drilling the holes outdoors with the Forstner Bit


Varnished & Labelled

Close-up showing details


  1. What eggceptional workmanship. It looks superb! It's just how I'd envisioned it when you were describing your vision. Wow - love the added touch of the labels - totally makes sense though. How eggciting!

  2. He is eggstra special when not sulking! and quite hot in those jeans!

  3. Just to clarify - Apparently putting on the last coat of varnish along with the 'back breakingly EASY' task of setting the labels in a straight line is also known as sulking!!!

  4. Would love to see a pic of all the eggs in it. I hope you will get a pic of that, am sure it would look grand....Noella

  5. Do you have a pic of the backside? ...No no not yours ...a pic of the eggstand. Want to see how you've braced the steps together. Is there a stand?

  6. There is a stand at the rear. It's at Lynda's office, so will have to get her to take a pic.

  7. Hey Dhi..great stuff, loved the eggstand..great outcome. you know i dont really surf the net but whenever i do, i check out your blog, right now at work and i was engrossed in reading this, my boss passed twice and did not disturb me thinking that i was busy with some reports...give my love to the kids and yes a pic with the eggs in it needs to be posted..rgds Michelle-G13 satwa


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