Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Washroom & Laundry Room Build - Part 6

As of this afternoon, I've completed 90% of the framing.

I have to yet frame the one washroom wall, but decided to do all the framing of the outside walls and get the place in some sort of order prior to Layla's First Holy Communion.

I spent a whole lot of time deliberating what sort of door I should have, to lead to the Laundry Room and finally decided that I would go with a Bi-Fold closet door. This enabled me to avoid a lot of problems that I would have encountered with a conventional door.

I re framed the wall that will finally hold the LCD TV and also extended it to the HVAC bulkhead in Lynda's studio area. The old bulkhead just twisted off in my hands without the need. The new bulkhead (like the rest of my framing) well..... you'll see in the pictures that follow.

Looking in from the TV area - The Washer & Dryer will be replaced by the Hot Water Tank and the Laundry Sink

From the outside looking at the alcove for the TV and Media Components

In Lynda's Studio. Eventually the entire wall will be replaced by bookcases

The chase that I made for the Structured Wiring components.
Later on I will have Audio, Video, Data & Telecom

Just to prove a point that I can indeed do Pull Ups.
Also that my Framing is Frikkin Bulletproof!!!!!!!

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