Thursday, April 23, 2009

50 Tools Every Man Needs

The May 09 issue of Popular Mechanics has as one of it's cover stories, the 50 tools that every man needs and how to use them like a pro. I decided to run through the list and see if I was indeed MAN (according to Popular Mechanics) and this is how I fared.

1. Sledgehammer - No. Strangely enough I have never needed one and when I did, Mike lent me his...
2. Centre Punch - Yes. A requisite for drilling in metal and essential when attempting to drill where needed
3. Putty Knife - Yes. So many - in various materials
4. Safety Glasses - Yes. And I should really be using them more often
5. Adjustable Wrench - Yes. Ranging from a 4 incher all the way to a 12 incher
6. Pipe Wrench - No. But in my defence, my 12" BAHCO adjustable wrench has a reversible jaw that functions as a Pipe Wrench
7. Socket Wrench Set - Yes. In Imperial and Metric
8. Metal Files - Yes. Regular sized, Needle Sized and Needle sized in Diamond
9. Combination Square - Yes. Gifted to me by Lynda's uncle. This set is a pristine 1960 Starett set with a Combination Square, Protractor & Centre Finder
10. Combination Wrench - Yes. In Imperial & Metric
11. Bow Saw - No. And don't think that I will need one anytime soon
12. Jigsaw - Yes. Have an old Craftsman that is due for an update
13. Coping Saw - Yes. Two
14. Side Cutting Pliers - Yes
15. Hacksaw - Yes. Full Size and Baby
16. Crosscut Saw - Yes
17. Snips - Yes
18. Roundnose Shovel - Yes. Bought this at a garage sale for a Dollar
19. Needle Nose Plier - Yes
20. Drill - Yes. Corded and Cordless
21. Drill Bits - Yes. In Metric from 1mm to 13mm in 0.5mm increments. Got to get me an Imperial Set soon
22. Locking Pliers - Yes
23. Level - Yes. Three. A 6" Torpedo Level, a 2' and a 4'
24. Circular Saw - Yes. Three. A corded one from the Garage Sale, One Cordless Ryobi 18V and one cordless DeWalt 14V whose battery has given up the ghost
25. Spray Lube - Yes. WD-40 & Lithium Grease
26. Tape Rule - Yes. Many. I keep losing them, buying a new one and then finding the old one
27. Hammer - Yes. Many
28. Dust Mask - Yes. Should start using them
29. Nail Set - Yes
30. Machinist Vise - Yes
31. Wood Chisel - Yes. A Set of 4
32. Chalk Line - Yes
33. Allen Wrench - Yes. Metric & Imperial
34. Earmuffs - No
35. Flashlight - Yes. Many
36. Bow Rake - No
37. Volt/Ohmmeter - Yes. But I have a Multimeter, so I'm one up on that
38. Cold Chisel - No
39. Ball-Peen Hammer - No. And I find that very strange
40. Multibit Screwdriver - Yes. Too Many, and I have a use for all of themdiv>
41. Gooseneck Bar - Yes
42. Utility Knife - Yes
43. Pry Bar - Yes
44. Squarenose Shovel - Yes. Again bought at a garage sale
45. Extension Ladder - Yes. An articulated one
46. Tongue and Groove Pliers - Yes
47. Pick - No
48. Stepladder - Yes
49. Rope - ?????
50. Extension Cord - Yes

So. How did I fare??? Out of the 50 listed tools, I do not have 7. That's pretty decent.
Therefore I am 86% man!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The last two items on the list (49 & 50) are for those who are unable to manage a score of 50%. The rope - to hang himself and, the extension cord - just incase the ceiling fan or beam is too high off the ground.

    While on the rig I'm 96% man but while at home.... Well lets just say that I do not have to resort to items 49 or 50


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