Monday, April 20, 2009

Gate Painted

Last Saturday with the temperature hovering around the 18 mark and with a nice cloud cover to block out the sun, we decided to tackle the painting of the side gate and the fence.

Dad had wanted to do this last September prior to his departure, but the nature of Pressure Treated Wood requires the wood to weather an entire season prior to staining.

We chose a color called "Pinto White" from Behr.

The Fence and Gate required two coats of the Stain to ensure consistency in the color as painted on the new wood and the existing brown sections from the old gate.

Methinks it came out quite well as evidenced by the people stopping to look at the gate as well as people from Lynda's office having noticed it.

Many thanks to Avinash who came over to assist and flipped some burgers for our lunch.

Painting. Yes - I did need the shades!!!

The gate painted!!!!

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