Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thrifted Gaiety

This morning saw us driving to Kitchener to collect some parts to repair Layla's Laptop. Derek had initially quoted me CAD 40 for his old Compaq, but on meeting me lowered the price to CAD 20. Hey. I'm not complaining.

After spending close to 2 hours at the Waterloo Regional Children's Museum, Lynda and I decided to hit some Thrift Store on the way home.

I'm always on the lookout for Vintage tech that I can hack. It is generally quite difficult to get anything really vintage as these seem to get a better price on Ebay. However this morning, I struck gold.

I happened upon a Portable Turntable in a wooden case covered in a faux leather material. I thought that it would be perfect to use as a Summer sound system for the picnics that Lynda and I have planned with the girls. I will hack a pair of amplified computer speakers that can accept dual (12V DC or 110V AC) and connect them to my Sansa MP3 player for tunes.

I may (or may not) throw in a Rechargeable Battery Pack to make for true portability. Here are pics of the unit.

What is that number??? Telephone?? Inmate??

Clamshell Case Opened

Try making Components with that name these days!!!

16 RPM. Just how old is this???

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