Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Opening Pandora's Box

With due respect to Pandora and her box!!!!

The Ceiling in Lynda's Studio was of the wood panelling type. I wanted to access the ceiling ever since I found out that the HVAC ducting that let to our rooms outlet had come apart. I also wanted to increase the light in Lynda's area by installing pot lights in the ceiling. Since the ceiling had to be pulled down in strips, I enlisted the help of the entire family and they all really got into the spirit of things, especially Layla who donned my Hard Hat and wielded the pry bay from the get go.

What I did find, when pulling down the ceiling was fairly disturbing. 5 junction boxes in less than 40 square feet. The Ontario Building Code does not allow junction boxes to be covered up or made inaccessible by a finished ceiling.

The wiring itself was a complete mess and I'm glad that I will be doing up the entire basement walls this summer as they were put up without any insulation.

Layla getting into the swing of things

The duct leading to our bedroom

One, Two-Three, Four, Five

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