Sunday, March 1, 2009

ReStore Score

We drove up to the ReStore in Burlington this Saturday and I scored me a sink.

I initially wanted the Ann sink from Ikea and would've eventually got it if Lynda had not spotted this sink lying forlorn on it's side - unloved by it's previous owners. It was the right size and more importantly the right price. We decided to adopt it and give it a room to itself.

Pros and Cons.

The Ikea Ann looks good. Damn good. It costs CAD 150 and uses a proprietary faucet that retails for CAD 90.00. Should Ikea go under (Ha Ha Ha Ha - I keep them in business) I'm out of a faucet and spares.

The Crane Westmont from the ReStore was CAD 30.00. I plan to use the faucet from the old bath sink. The money I saved looks damn good in my bank. It is even sized better that the Ikea Ann sink. Needs a cleanup, but my elbow grease is free.....

Ikea Ann

Crane Plumbing - Westmont


  1. NICE !!!! does it come with the tap or do u need to put a tap?

  2. Needs a tap, but as I said in the post, I will use the existing faucet from the bathroom as we will be doing up the bathrooms back to back.


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