Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wood Burning Fireplace - Burnout

A major part of redoing Aaliyah's floor involved the wood burning fireplace as the PO deemed it prudent (for whatever reasons) to send the chimney stack through the house instead of outside of the house.

Among what was wrong with the install, were the following - 

a. Not building the fireplace according to code
b. Sending the stack through the floor and the ceiling
c. Cutting a floor joist without proper support or compensation
d. No fresh air intake anywhere
e. cutting through the roof trusses

This Friday, with Avi's assistance we managed to remove the entire stack and dispose of it at the Brampton dump. Thanks for that Av.

So. here in pictures is what the room looked like and where we are at now.

The room with the bulkhead built to cover the chimney stack

The drywall removed to reveal a very shabby attempt at framing

Cool vintage wallpaper. This probably was a boy's room. (Most certainly was)

The stack exiting the roof.

Me. On the roof. There was a Fire Engine passing that piqued my curiosity.

Back on the inside. cutting the sections

Through the roof cap looking at the Birch tree

The stack gone

Lovely pristine hardwood, butchered

Looking down into the fireplace.

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