Saturday, November 1, 2008


Layla's floor is now all done with the installation of the baseboards. It was amazingly hard work (lugging the sander out the trunk and up the stairs all but broke my back) But the effort was well worth the trouble. The floor was pretty messed up with holes bored through the floor to pass network & cable wires. I had to cut wood plugs and glue them in place prior to sanding down and laying down three coats of urethane. Quite a difference as the following pictures will show.

This is not me, but indicative of the effort that sanding the floor was. Maybe the above pic is a tad bit over dramatized!!!

The floor with the room emptied and the baseboards removed


More holes

Very odd shaped holes
Missing sub floor and damaged strips

I do not even know what this is

The floor with 3 coats of urethane and 6" high baseboards

The floor in natural light, prior to bringing the furniture in. As Martha would say. "It's a good thing"

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