Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aaliyah's Room Update

As visible on the Project Tracker to the side, I have updated Aaliyah's Floor to 60% done. As of yesterday, I had mudded and taped the ceiling, primed and painted the walls and ceiling to match the original colors of the room.

As of this morning I had the Square Buff Sander in and sanded the entire floor with 60 / 80 / 120 grit paper. Sanding the floor was not as painful as lugging the unit in and out of the car as well as up and down the short flight of stairs from our main level to the bedrooms.

As of this evening I was down on my knees, finish sanding the edges with my palm sander and found myself covered in a fine film of Oak sawdust. Pictures of the floor will follow when completed.

Here is the room when we started to what the walls, ceiling & floors look like without the wallpaper and the holes.

(Bad Bulkhead!!!)

(Bad Idea!!!)



  1. Can you please start your business after you finsh our house too.... that way you will really have the "Canadian Experience" and I will give u a good reference letter.

  2. ...And there you go - the offer of another house that you could destroy (without fear, I might add) in your quest for perfection.

  3. Yeahhhh he will destroy it now and then went that Patu bro of his comes to Canada “the Dynamic duo” can restore it and much, much more eh !!!!


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