Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chandelier Done & Hung Well!!

Here it is. The Chandelier painted in Rustoleum's Heirloom White. The jury is still out on whether shades will be put over the lamps to soften the glow.


  1. Hi Dhiraj,
    How are you and how is lynda and the kids. Do say hello to them. The chandelier looks great. But are you going to keep it white what about the yellow the flowers had, I felt it looked beautiful with the yellow in the centre of the flowers. Love Noella

  2. Hey Noella. No way would it have worked with the original colors. By maintaining a single palette I instantly updated the chandelier. Essentially slam dunking it into the Noughties!!!

  3. You'll have to translate that last sentence into english, brother dearest.

  4. The 'Noughties' are what we call the years 2000 - 2009. After that we will once again have the Tens, Twenties, Thirties, Fourties. Nought is another word for Zero!!!! Like I believe this explanation will come to nought!!!


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