Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) or All Souls Day

Photographed at the Black Creek Pioneer Village

The Roman Catholic Church observes today as All Souls Day. In Bombay, Mum would make 'Atola' and we would have spent the previous day cleaning and decorating the family graves in Dadar and Bandra.

In our16 years away from our hometown, we've lost more relatives that we'd like. 

Listed here in no particular order is a list of my family members that have gone to the great beyond. I remember every moment that I spent with you. For those that I never had a chance to meet, I'm quite sure that you would've only enriched my life....

On my Dad's side

Passed away prior to my birth

Ashley D'Souza - Uncle
Carlisle D'Souza - Uncle

Passed away after I was born

Lena D'Souza - Grandmother
Gaspar Alexander (Downtown Alec) D'Souza - Grandfather
Edward D'Souza - Uncle
Giles Chaves - Uncle-in-Law
Wilma D'Souza - Aunt-in-Law

On my Mothers' Side

Royston D'Souza - Mum's Cousin
Athanasius Gomes - Grandfather
Clara Gomes - Grandmother
Martha D'Souza - Grand Aunt
Carlton D'Souza - Mum's Cousin
Winton Gomes - Uncle
Harris Gomes - Uncle

On Lynda's side

Noreen Fernandes - Lynda's Mum
Justin Fernandes - Lynda's Uncle
Bruna Smith - Lynda's Aunt

May they and the souls of the dearly departed, Rest in Peace.

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