Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to Plug Holes in Hardwood Floors

Aaliyah's floor had 5 holes drilled through for whatever reason. These had to be plugged prior to sanding. The holes in these houses were generally made using a spade bit. These holes tend to be inaccurate and bear some ovality. The first order of the day, was getting the right tool. One trip to Lee Valley later and I am in possession of a 7/8" Forstner Bit as well as a Tenon/Dowel/Plug Cutter.
Forstner Bits (The Business End)

(Plug/Dowel/Tenon Cutter)

I enlarged the holes using the Forstner Bit which leaves a perfect hole with vertical walls and a square bottom.

Using the Plug Cutter and some spare offcuts of the hardwood, I cut plugs from the Hardwood and then glued them in place ensuring as flush a fit as possible. There are still some small gaps around the holes that were poorly drilled by the PO, but those will be filled with a combination of White Glue and some of the Oak sawdust that I saved when sanding Layla's floor.

Once the floor has been sanded and varnished, you would be hard pressed to find the location of the holes.


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