Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Project Cloverdale Powder Room Remodel

Work has wrapped up on the Cloverdale Powder Room and professional pics will be released as soon as our clients are back from vacation This client gave us their house keys and with it, Carte Blanche on the remodel. Now that's trust......

Before getting to the finished product, let's have a look at what the powder room was like. It was a tiny 5 x 3 ft space into which was shoehorned, a vanity, mirror and toilet. One tiny window flanked the back wall above the toilet letting in some much needed light.

It was our challenge to make the space look bigger than it was by treating the walls, adding architectural details and new fixtures. Needless to say it has been transformed from this dark and dreary space to a light filled elegant room that is a pleasure to powder your nose in!

New vanity and mirror will be added. Walls are bland and featureless.

A whole new design and color plan was schemed up. At some point in time, there might have been a medicine cabinet here. A repair was attempted albeit unsuccessfully.

Flooring stayed the same as it continues to outside the room. This was the only constraint we had to live with as the floor continued into the passage and the kitchen.

Gorgeous new lighting will be added and these standard sconces will be burned. Lighting is like jewelry and who wants to wears cheap jewellery eh! Wait till ya see the two chandeliers we are putting up at the Berryman Interior Design project. 

We plan to add a feature to the wall and that receptacle is very much in the wrong place.

That's our trusty Aubry demolishing every last remnant of the space, ripping out walls, ceiling and fixtures. We always go down to studs when rebuilding a space. This allows us to see what is behind the walls and reinforce the joists, also seen here during the Birchbank Washroom demolition. The door which is a plain slab door is going as well.

The things we find when we demolish - here we found a paper from the 1960s stuffed in between the studs full of the most amazing deals and articles...

I'll have one please.

And this as well.  

 Now we're on a roll.....

Oh Teresa!!! Why???

In addition to the Cloverdale Powder room remodel, we are simultaneously working on the Birchbank master washroom, Berryman Interior Design and a basement gig. Stay tuned for more updates.

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