Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pit Stop: Legacy Architectural Salvaged Building Materials {Part 1}

Last Sunday we visited one of the best shops we have ever seen: Legacy Architectural Salvaged Building Materials in Cobourg. It was heaven. I think we would have stayed in the shop all week if we could. There was just so much to see, take in, touch, feel........get inspired. 

The shop has been around for 17 years building an enormous collection of salvaged building materials and you could find anything you needed for home building or decor. A lot of beautiful tarnished and weathered pieces were being re-purposed by a skilled woodworking genius here and we caught him in the act of mounting a beautiful glass towel bar on a weathered grey plank of wood - the juxtaposition was stunning.

Since we went snap happy and there are just too many pics to share, I have split them up into Part 1 - the inside, and Part 2 - the outside.

Part 1 - Inside the Store

You can just about see their sign sandwiched between these two structures which reminded me of the sets of a western movie

The front entrance of the shop.......the grey patina that time worn wood takes on is so beautiful, I can't help but stare.

Even before we entered the shop we started clicking away at the beautiful salvaged church windows that were propped up outside.

A re-purposed hanging rack..........loving the rusted over sized spikes in the weathered barn board

I think we may have found our pendants for our washroom remodel

Pretty colored glass bottles lined up against the streaming sunlight

Every item was so thoughtfully displayed

This was my favorite part - the way they displayed everything on weathered wood panels

Exquisite glass door handles piled one on top of another in this majestic glass case. Dhiraj installed one of them on my closet door about 7 years ago.

And then we found a room filled with glass globes and a restored Triumph..........so quirky. We loved it.

Aaliyah was stuck in this room and could not leave it. She loved these glass light fixtures and being all white the room had a calming effect, almost ethereal.

So much to take in............we did not know where to look.

I see you hiding back there beautiful reindeer horns......but we already have two at home so I am going to pass this for now.

Huge majestic brass doors.............

Piano legs made of glass balls mounted in metal crows feet. The workmanship behind some of these vintage pieces is rarely seen today.

This gentleman had worked in the store for 9 years and was such a pleasure to talk to.

Dhiraj most fascinated with the doors

The patina on this piece......the colors.......the light streaming in.....was all perfect........everything was perfect.

Look at the detail on this.......have you ever seen anything like it before !

Dhiraj impressed by this flush beautifully encased in a detailed wood box. Things are just not made like this anymore which is why we love shops like this - we get to see and appreciate the past.

Anyone need a prison break? This one is perfect for the Man Cave with the prison themed washroom.... Cuffs not included.

The shop was sprawling and on multi levels making it kind of like a treasure hunt experience. The girls were absolutely ecstatic and it thrilled us to see them as excited as we were.

This huge flag was mounted to the ceiling and the pic was taken standing below it

I love taking macro shots of rusted and worn items..........the patina and cracks alludes to a story long forgotten.

We wanted to buy one of these to mount above a fireplace as art.........leaving it untouched in all of its glorious splendor

What do they even call this dance move ? 

I couldn't get that grin off my face for hours..

Murano glass chandeliers stealing my heart

We have dozens more pics but I did not want to make this post too long. Check back for PART 2 of the pics of what we saw in their outdoor storage yard. 

Definitely a shop we would visit every year if only to be inspired........... 

Big Hugs

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