Friday, March 11, 2016

Small Powder Room Makeover - Project Cloverdale

Delighted. Amazed. Surprised. Ecstatic. Just a few words that came out of out clients' mouths.... They've been on vacation for the last two months and had no idea just how we were going to transform their old powder room in Brampton. Needless to say they were super delighted with the transformation and could not believe this is their home.

Here is what it looked like:

And here is the AFTER:

We went down to studs. Moved wiring. Re-framed to allow for a higher ceiling. Installed new drywall on the walls and ceiling, and topped it off with classy oversized crown molding, casing and baseboards. These beautiful niches were added to give the room architectural interest and depth and were styled to hold a pretty orchid and the toilet roll holder. The window was re-trimmed with new jambs, a window stool and fresh casing.

The focal wall was clad in the most gorgeous arabesque tiles and we added a glamorous mirror and elegant sconces to match. Here is a picture of the tiles before it was grouted where you can see the design clearly:

The mirror was chosen for it's mirrored frame as we wanted a sleek look and not too many lines against the curvy tile. Matching sconces in chrome and white reflected the same style and by fitting them to the side walls they light your face the way a professional photographer would....beautifully

The room was painted in Benjamin Moore's 'Decorator White' as it was a tiny space and we really wanted to open this up. The pop of color in BM 'Polar Sky' is on the ceiling to add additional interest and an unexpected bit of 'WOW' factor.

The final touch was the hand held temperature controlled bidet which works amazing with the clients' young grandchildren. The bidet is fed by a thermostatically controlled valve that sits in the basement and provides a steady stream of warm water.

The flooring unfortunately had to stay as it runs right through the passage and the entire kitchen. If I had to remove it, (and you'd better believe that I was sorely tempted to do just that) I would've removed the various layers underneath that the previous installer did not remove. This would have then ended up with floors at two levels. So the floors stayed, but then you don't really notice them......

See the other washrooms we have completed HERE.

And call us today if you need a powder room makeover !


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