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2016 National Home Show Highlights

The National Home Show at the Exhibition Place is one of the Annual Trade Shows that we do not miss. This year it ran from the 10th to the 19th of March. Righ in the middle of March Break. As the entire event was sponsored by Remax, we scored VIP tickets courtesy of our good friend and go to realtor, Brian D'Costa

We make it a point to visit these shows to update our database of products, vendors and techniques. We pride ourselves on continuously learning and a day without learning something new is a wasted one...

This year, the exhibition was bigger than we expected and I didn't wear the right shoes (boo) but we were able to see most of it and source quite a few solutions for future projects.

Here D is checking out a vapor fireplace which has a realistic flame like effect without actual fire, perfect for a future basement project we are designing where we are looking to create a sort of club lounge effect in the focal space. With this kind of fireplace you can keep it on in Summer or Winter and the light adds drama and ambience.

Oh. Do excuse D's hair. He's attempting to grow it out, but has ended up looking like some Mafia Don from a B grade 'shoot em up' movie......

A whole section on outdoor furniture sets that were very impressive. They came in various finishes, colors and configurations. Creating rooms in outdoor spaces is one of my favorite things to do and I got to flex my creative muscle for ourselves last summer when we turned our side yard into a Bohemian oasis.

D evaluating vanity options for two washrooms we are designing. I seem to like vanities that have a large counter top space allowing me to visually style it up. Who says a functional counter top has to remain functional and utilitarian. Consider using a cake pedestal to hold your make up or a pretty tray and jar to hold your cotton buds. Little touches make all the difference.

Accessories on point and no one can go wrong with a couple of succulents even if they are fake! Faker the better ! 

Those pendants ! We are hunting down the perfect pair for our own washroom makeover and narrowed it down to these vintage ones we spotted at Legacy Architectural or maybe something like these from Urban Barn.

We do love sculptural accessories that have an industrial look and these skeletonised shapes would look great over a mantle or coffee table.

Jack & Julia from Paragon Interiors are the makers of fine gaming tables, such a lovely couple who have been doing this for 30 us hope that we don't ever have to retire because we love what we do. 

These are pieces of fine furniture, meticulously crafted and ones that will stand the test of time becoming heirloom pieces before long. No Chinese particleboard junk here.

A beautifully designed and crafted shuffleboard created by Jack from Paragon Interiors

D checking out counter top solutions for a future bar project we are designing, we do like using natural wood as bar counter tops as we like the natural textures in wood.

That back splash is ever so pretty - being a tiny area you can really splurge on the prettiest tile to make a huge impact

D checking out sun-tubes for a client's main level project we are designing, where the client wants to bring in natural light into a dark corridor.

This stunning helmet - love it ! 

D showing me this washing machine that gives you the option of doing a smaller load - see the bottom tray....hmmm I might need one (not that I know how to use one - I don't do laundry in our house, got the kids trained for that #perfectparents)

A wine storage solution for one of our clients future bar needs we are designing, such a handsome solution and the black contrast against the brown wood looks elegant yet stunning at the same time.

An all black bedroom - black is back people ! Mark this trend. This bedroom was done up to look cozy and cocoonish with some very eclectic accessories just up my alley.

Hey don't these look like the table accessories we spotted earlier?!

The Dream Home built on site was well appointed but unfortunately they were not able to complete it.

Sliding doors that fold all the way back, a great option for bringing the outside in.

It was well worth the trip as we found a number of solutions for future projects and clients. These visits are always fruitful as they feed our creative souls and inspire us for future designs.

If you liked this post then check out more pics from the Interior Design Show we visited last month. Another great source of inspiration is the Discern Living community website that showcases the latest trends in Home Design & Decor. Having left India over 20 years ago their website allows me to keep track of progress back home in Design and related fields. Go check them out HERE.

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