Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 Toronto Comic Con

 The girls waited all week for the TO Comic Con and dressed up as Hermoine and Toothless for the event. The cosplay was amazing as were the artist aisles - so much talent in one room !
On our way to the Metro Toronto Convention Center

Cosplay at its best

Who you gonna call?

LLAP Mr. Spock

May the Force be with you

and these were the cheap ones! 

Han Solo in carbonite

Katanas a plenty

Leave me in the artist aisles please

That's Karen Allen from the Indiana Jones series. Jacon Isaacs / Malfoy was to appear the next day.....

Vintage Italian Posters that would look great in a man cave

Laughing Vaddha

Aaliyah so thrilled to take a pic with Bellatrix Lestrange

The steampunk section is my favorite

Layla took half an hour just to choose 4 vintage comics - she has quite a collection she is building

Kylo Ren
If we could we would spend all our millions on books..............

D with his freshly signed anthology

D getting his Captain Canuck anthology signed by the artist and creator Richard Comely

Such a great day, this is a trip we make every year without fail. In a room full of geeks, freaks and weirdos we find that we fit right in.

#and the geeks shall inherit the world

Big hugs

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