Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pit Stop: ReStore Orangeville

We often step into the ReStore branches to see what has come into the showroom. Ok not often, like literally everytime we drive by one - we have to stop and check it out (#sickness). Mostly we look for antiques and vintage furniture pieces particularly Mid Century Modern designs. 

This is the ReStore Orangeville branch that had some great stuff in stock that day. ReStores stock items that sell very quickly so if there is something you are interested in you have to make the purchase immediately.

Beautiful vintage dresser, round mirrors are on trend right now.

Imagine this console sprayed in black lacquer high gloss housing your flat screen above it. Classy !

This piece had sold but I fell in love with the print of the fabric........just look at it ! 

Another console table that was SOLD ! beautiful lines.............

Some great furniture pieces that would be transformed through upholstery and a little bit of TLC.

This LP storage unit would act as a sweet side table
Theater seats in a great condition, were going for $80 only ! Would look great in a slim foyer.

When decorating I love adding one vintage or quirky element that becomes a conversation piece in the room. Wilde North specializes in incorporating Vintage and Heirloom pieces into your decor scheme giving the room character and personality and making your mother in law totally jealous ! 

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