Thursday, December 10, 2015

How To Use Chalk Paint On Your Furniture

My living room has alot of heirloom pieces, antiques from ancestors that we have lovingly restored and brought back to life. While they look amazing in my eclectic Living room I felt there was just too much brown wood in one room. So one sunny day I decided to paint one of our console tables with chalk paint. I sourced out Annie Sloan's chalk paint which is a beautiful thick creamy matt finish paint that is easy to work with. The paint is stocked at only one retailer in downtown TO, a bit of a pain but well worth the trip. You can find it at Jim Connelly Studios in the heart of the city.

The paint is fairly thick so if you want you can dilute it a bit by simply adding water. Give the table a good wipe down and directly paint over the wood finish. The beauty of chalk paint is that you do not have to sand down the old finish / lacquer, etc. 

I applied two coats  on my table letting each coat dry thoroughly in between. Chalk paint dries fairly fast and I had to wait no more than 2 hours between coats. I wanted to add a little bit of drama and added acrylic gold paint to highlight some of the molding in the table edges and drawer handles. I then added 2 layers of wax and buffed it up to a soft sheen. The wax protects the paint and also adds a bit of tint to the cream color giving it that aged look.

And then the best part - dressing it up with all my vintage finds. Here a collection of leather bound books, pewter mug with silk Peonies and brass owls nest in one corner, along with a framed piece of my water color art.

The other end houses a vintage type writer and some brass candle sticks. The chair is an Ikea chair that we had recovered in Bahrain, it has taken a bit of a beating with the kids but still a loving part of our home and a reminder of our years in Bahrain.

Painting furniture is a great idea when you want a quick change in your room plus the no sanding bit had me sold on chalk paint ! With just this simple change the living room looks so much more bright and airy.

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