Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Easy DIY: Gift Wrapping With Birch Tags

Living on Birchbank Street its obvious we have a Birch tree in our backyard, so rest assured we have lots of birch branches to play around with. Last Christmas I decided to to use them as gift tags. Now asking the Handy husband for a few birch slices means I will get about 100 of them so if y'all need any birch slices, come find me ! 

Anyhoo I decided to use the slices as personalized gift tags by initializing them. I painted the initial in the center with simple acrylic paint and finished it off with a little border of dots around the circumference. The handy husband cut the slices and drilled the holes for me.

During our flea market jaunts I had picked up a few vintage botanical books and decided to use them here. Wrapped the gift box with simple brown kraft paper (my absolute favorite) and topped it with a botanical plate from the book. The ribbon was a bark print cream embossed ribbon and then the birch gift all worked perfectly together. In our family the tradition is to only give gifts to the kids so each little niece and nephew received their gifts with their initials.

I like planning my theme each year and this year I haven't decided on one yet..............maybe pastels.......I saw the Ikea Xmas decorations and they have a lovely collection of pastel gift paper and ribbons............I think I might try that !

What have you got planned for your gift wrapping this year ? do share. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas month.

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