Sunday, December 13, 2015

Birchbank Main Floor Washroom Design

We're almost done with the spare washroom that we've been building in our spare time. It's time now to make plans for the main washroom as it is in dire need of some TLC. This one will be taken down to the studs especially in the shower area as there is a noticeable leak, probably from the shower pipe itself.

We're not making crazy changes to the layout as it works just fine the way it is. We are however ridding ourselves of the cast iron tub and building a stand up shower enclosure with glass doors.

This is what the layout will look like. The plan is to use 24 x 24" rectified porcelain in the main area outside the shower. I would've liked to use stone, but porcelain is easy to maintain especially with the amount of traffic that this washroom will see.

The shower cubicle will get Marble, Wooden White, Honed tiles 12 x 24 format. Around 5' up, a Linear niche running end to end (if the framing allows for such a configuration) will house a growing collection of Hair product that comes with having two teenage girls.

The floor will be bordered by 4 x 24 honed marble, filled in with the same marble in a hexagon pattern. This will allow the tile to conform to the sloped base.
A bird's eye view of the washroom
A close up of the base. The drain was omitted from this drawing
This is the tile chosen to fill in the base. The norm is usually 2x2 square mosaic, but I'd like to do something different with this one
This is an alternative, but I'm leaning strongly towards the hex tiles
We put the two tiles against each other to see if they work. And they do.
The mirror on the wall will be Ikea's Stockholm mirror
The vanity will be Ikea's Godmorgon vanity hung from the wall. We will use a 48" unit. This brings about a problem of it's own. We do not want dual sinks, but Ikea does not make a single sink in this width. We'll have to find a workaround. I do plan to add undercabinet lighting, mainly because I can

 For illumination, the plan is to have two pendant lights on either side of the mirror. These are from Gingers. Three potlights will serve as overall illumination in the main area and two shower rated pot lights in the shower cubicle.

We normally construct benches in shower stalls. These will however upset the design on the floor. The plan is to use a Ceramic stool in the shower as these are waterproof and add an unexpected design element to the cubicle. The stool above is from West Elm 

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  1. Nice!! Love it! looking forward to seeing the finished product!


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