Sunday, February 7, 2010

Panel Holder

The other day Lynda sent me a link to a website that showed a Panel Holder that was built by the husband of an artist that she follows. It was a practical fix to a problem encountered by most artists who paint on smaller panels or canvasses. It was not an expensive item, but having the same shipped over to Canada from the States would've increased the price considerably. So I decided to have a go at it myself.

I had some 1/8" MDF lying around from barricades that I had made to keep the dog confined to the kitchen when I had to leave him alone at home. Poor dog.

I made a small improvement on the original in that I beveled the sliding members so as to provide a sort of a lock. It can comfortably accommodate panels ranging from 6" to 11" height

Lynda was impressed and I got me some brownie points.....

With a 7" x 7" panel in place

With a 8" x 8" panel in place

Close-up showing the beveled support

Close up showing the beveled support and sliding member

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