Thursday, February 4, 2010

70 Popes

Just this morning Lynda launched her Etsy shop to sell her paintings. It's an undertaking that has been quiet a few weeks in the making. We simultaneously launched a blog where it would be possible to showcase her work in a higher resolution than what would be possible on Etsy. We also sent out a newsletter to announce this to our family and friends with the request that it be forwarded to all of their contacts. The feedback so far has been positive.

The name '70 Popes' came from a book that we found at a car boot sale in Bahrain. A beautiful clothbound hardcover with a gold leaf printed spine, the book contained  page upon page of B&W line drawings of the Popes from Peter (Circa 33-67) to Paul VI who reigned from 1963 and was pope when the book was published in 1964. The book is a First Edition and we parted with our hard earned 25 fils for it. On taking it home we discovered beautiful Coats of Arms on the bookplate. These Coats of Arms numbering 70 in total was what inspired the name '70 Popes'.

We chose Red as the primary color of the logo reflecting the color of the book and the blue is the color of our bedroom.

Wish us luck.... and do visit our blog and shop.


1 comment:

  1. All the very best D&L! Much success & happiness to your latest endeavour!


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