Sunday, February 7, 2010

Center Speaker Challenge

First off.... why the hell won't the Yanks realize that it's actually spelled 'centre' and 'realise'


So I realized that my Center Channel speaker has nowhere to sit in my current setup. But I need it set up so that we can watch American Idol in glorious Dolby Digital!!! With only the Left and Right speakers on, all I get is music minus the vocals. That won't fly....

So I decided to cannibalize my existing center speaker and fit it between the studs under the TV. I'm no audio expert, so I started my attempting to match the old speaker volume to the new enclosure that I planned to build. Luckily I stayed awake during geometry. I had a few constraints. The space between the studs was 15 inches and the max depth was the depth of the stud. i.e. 3.5 inches. I also wanted to have some space between the studs to run the cabling from the DVD, Amp etc. up to the TV.

This afternoon I cut the wood. It was only -5 - wonderful weather for working outside. NOT.

Tomorrow I will make the cutouts for the drivers and glue and assemble.

Infinity - Not sure of the model. I have even forgotten when I bought this

Drivers removed. Simple MTM format

The drivers are in very good shape. Mid woofers are shielded - a fallout from CRT times

The crossover mounted directly onto the binding plate. The woofers are in series.

Calculating... Very calculating!!! Yes I have crap writing.....

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