Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trade Shows: Home & Reno Show

We are so looking forward to the next International Design Show in January 2016 and promise to share pics from new product finds we spot. You can see the pics from when we attended the IDS2015 show HERE.

We do like to attend Home shows as it keeps us up to date on new products in the market and feeds our design appetite. We pour over countless design magazines and blogs daily, but there is nothing like seeing things in person, touching, feeling and envisioning products in the rooms we create in our heads.

Funny how D and me are doing this together. We remodeled four of our homes together - two in Dubai, one in Bahrain, and one here in Canada, creating, building and decorating them together, not realizing that we would one day be doing this for others, side by side........together. Funny how life brings you full circle.

Grateful for this. Grateful for our clients trusting us with their homes. Grateful for these opportunities

Here are pics from the Home & Reno 2015 show we attended earlier this year.

We liked this collection of glass globes, together they look impressive.

Maps are a wonderful way to add eclectic art to your walls, plus they can be blown up to any size. 

These charcoal sketches were so cute, I wanted to recreate one of Coach and his adorable poses.

Would ya believe this was a mosaic wall, made of tiny tile pieces, and they could recreate any portrait or scene.

A beautiful tablescape created by Bowring

This gorgeous vintage map print caught my eye. Stunning absolutely stunning !

Fell in love with this wood chandelier from Bowring

The table set up for a Spring lunch

Tablescape by Bombay Co.

Huge brass candlesticks..........this would definitely come home with me
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