Saturday, November 7, 2015

BG Home Basement Remodel. Design Evolution of the Media Wall

Once we resigned ourselves to the fact that the alcove would not work as part of the design (on account of it not being central to the space), I decided to make use of the alcove space to recess the components into the wall. The media shelf would still have one sloped section but the depth worked for the components.
1st draft. The customers liked this, but the shelving was not enough for current and future needs. I dropped in the components to give scale to the drawing
 Media Shelf expanded. Actual components dropped in. but there is something missing.
 I decided to break up the stacked block effect by throwing this curved mantel in between the TV and the Media Shelf. This works, but those sconces have got to go.
I found these sconces in Lowe's in Buffalo. I really liked how they looked and how they would wash the wall without throwing light in your face. perfect for movies etc. However these were LED's and did not have the right incandescent glow that we were looking for.
 In all of this I had still wanted the TV bracket to disappear. I drew out a curved wall that would allow the bracket to hide behind the TV which would be level with the existing wall. This was well received and is what we eventually built.
 A different perspective of the wall. Recessed lighting was installed in the curved mantel to light up the Media Shelf.
Just anothe view. Pity about those sconces.

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