Friday, November 6, 2015

BG Home Basement Remodel. The Method behind the Madness

We're exactly 5 days to our Home Tour at the BG Home Basement. We're all wrapped up and ready to go. The client had their big reveal party which coincided with Halloween and both Lynda and I were given a standing ovation as we entered the space. Granted they were all standing and milling around the bar, but nevertheless.....

When I first met the clients back in March at the Fenwick Home Tour, there was something that piqued my interest. This would be the first time I was being asked to take a perfectly fine basement and remodel it to the clients' needs. Their demands were unique and so was the challenge.

After visiting and dimensioning the space, it was evident that the basement was built by someone who didn't give a fuck. It's easy to build fast when you skirt around all of the problem areas without addressing them. I was as usual going to build a basement that the home-owners would be proud of for many years to come.

This is what the basement looked like when I started the process

This built-in was originally built to house a large CRT television and did not work with the client's large LCD flatscreen and his floor standing speakers. The right of the built in housed a bar sink and worked as a makeshift bar. All in, this setup did not work for the client's need to realise the full potential of his existing and yet to be upgraded sound system.

Looking towards the rear of the basement, there is a large closet and to the right a washroom. The brief was to remove the closet, reduce the footprint of the washroom and build a 12' wraparound bar.
The spare bedroom was to be turned into a gym housing the Boflex and a Treadmill. The small closet was to be eliminated in favour of a 16' reach in closet with mirrored doors.
The bulkhead in the bedroom/gym was the natural choice for the closet. Mirrored doors from ceiling to the floor would hide the bulkhead and give the illusion of added space.
There is a natural alcove that follows the walls of the house. I determined that this was not perfectly centred to the space and convinced the clients that a redesign of the wall was in order.

In all, we removed ceilings, added lights, moved gas lines, moved water lines, added features and subtracted a lot of useless ones. Stay tuned for the final pictures.

Visit our website to see more of the basements we have completed.

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  1. Well, not every designer gives their 100% when it comes to handling their client's house. It takes dedication to be able to fulfill every single one of the customer's demands like how you have explained your true intention. At first glance, the storage cabinet/TV console looks fine to me with abundant space all around. However, perhaps it was not as suitable as it was for the previous owner.


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