Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Decorate A Small Foyer

Our Semi has a tiny foyer and with a space this small it's best to go over the top with decor. We decided to paint the focal wall a happy turquoise blue and ordered these gorgeous filigree decals from Blik. The opulent Venetian mirror sits above a distressed bench and is the perfect pairing of contrasts. The mirror is from India found in a small mirror shop on the streets of Bandra - I spotted it from a moving taxi and went back for it (and now you know my super power!).

While strolling around our neighborhood in Dubai, we spotted an old discarded bed on the curb. We both loved the headboard design and so we carried it back home on our shoulders. Soon after D cut it up and turned it into a sweet bench. Here I have dressed it up with a faux fur rug just to soften all the wood.

I wanted somewhere to hang the hats and we got this pretty wrought iron rack at a garage sale here which I dressed up with some of my beaded necklaces. It goes perfectly with the filigree decals.

This is what I love about our home. It has pieces from all the countries we have lived in and each piece has a story. Really it doesn't have to cost a bomb to decorate a home. Vintage pieces, garage sale finds and re-purposing stuff can do the trick. You just need a little imagination and a lot of love ! 

Do you have any foyer concerns? Feel free to pick my brains on design solutions for small spaces.


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