Saturday, February 25, 2012

Basement Build - Oakville - Update

Just had some pictures on hand of the build progress. This build has taken longer than anticipated on account of the additions to the scope of work as we progressed. Besides that, I am working alone and I think that I overestimated my own capabilities.

However it is progressing well and should be quite the basement when completed.

 All framed, insulated and vapor barrier installed. Cabling for front, rear and centre speakers were installed along with the HV wiring  

This is the build out for the Television, Electric Fireplace and Centre Channel speaker. I took care to build it out in line with the bulkheads. This way everything is streamlined. Also visible in the picture is tubing that was installed to pull cabling from the Media Cabinet that will be installed in the left hand corner of the room.

I tried to minimize the impact of the bulkheads in the room. This one in particular, I got my plumber to reverse the piping, thereby maintaining a smaller bulkhead instead of a tall one.

Looking towards the Laundry Room. 

Drywalled. The left side bulkhead is a dummy installed to maintain symmetry. The resultant look is one of a coffered ceiling. Dedicated circuits were installed for the heater and the television.

 Looking toward the rear of the basement. Double doors at the top and bottom of the visible openings will offer access to the Electrical panel as well as storage at the bottom.

Looking into the Laundry Room. This room will also house the freezer in addition to the Laundry Pair and the Laundry sink. Mike, my plumber, installed a laundry box that streamlines the inlet and outlet of the Washing Machine.  Not visible in the picture is the Utility room that houses the Furnace  and the Water Heater. I built this tight, but the entire space is accessible via 2 sets of Double Bi fold doors.

That's Peter, who's done the taping in most of the basements that I've built.

 And that's Anthony working the Bazooka. If you're into tools as I am; the woody is understandable....


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