Thursday, February 2, 2012

Basement Build - Oakville

Today is the first real day that I've had at home alone since the beginning of December. And that's because the Tapers have taken over my build. I've not had much time to blog as I would generally make it home after 8 on most days.

So here are pictures of the basement as it was on the day that I started the build. Pictures are from my phone and hence the poor quality.

The stairwell into the basement. I built out the wall to the right to equalize both walls. The area under the stairs will be a double door closet to accommodate the Home Owner's treadmill when entertaining. The little alcove will be a small coat or storage closet.   

Looking towards the Pool Table area. The alcove at the far end will hold a 'Bar Shelf' for drinks to be set down upon. 

The Basement Washroom rough plumbing. This was in the worst place possible. We dug out the floor and removed the existing plumbing and sealed the pipes.

 Looking towards what will become the Media Wall in the Home Theater Area.

The existing laundry room and furnace room. The plan is to build a dedicated laundry room complete with concealed plumbing and ducting and a counter top above the laundry pair, thereby giving the space dual functionality when entertaining. 


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