Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basement Build - Oakville - Done

Just finished the entire build this afternoon. Touched up all of the paint on the walls, baseboards and ceilings. The biggest part was getting all of my tools out of there. Here are the pictures of the basement as I left it this afternoon.

The build-out housing the Electric Fireplace, Centre Channel alcove and the TV. All cabling has been routed from the left corner to the back of the TV and along the walls to feed speakers and the subwoofer. Dual RJ45's were dropped from the Living Room above to feed the TV and Media Center.

Looking from the far end towards the 'Media Room'. In Ceiling speakers will keep tunes local while others watch TV. This space will eventually house a Pool Table.

Looking towards the 'Pool Table Area'. I built a shelf at the far end upon which the 'boys' would set down their drinks.

I played around with the bulkheads and even added a dummy one on the left to equalise the space and made a sort of coffered ceiling.

Two sets of doors in the Main Room lead to a smaller closet on the left and the access to the crawl space on the left. I installed a pair of double doors to increase the opening width to accommodate the homeowner's treadmill when entertaining.

Access to the Electrical Panel above and Storage below

Really shaky picture showing the detail of the 3 5/8"chair rail that I used as trim for the chunky 'Bar Shelf'. That little detail on the end is called a Return. And when it comes out just right it makes me happy. That's probably where the term 'Many Happy Returns' come from. NOT!!!

Looking into the Laundry Room and Furnace Room

Laundry pair & Freezer. The homeowner will be installing a sink in the area to the left of the washer. A Laundry box was installed behind the washer to streamline inlet and outlet piping. The  dryer connects to concealed ducting that vents to the outdoors.

Two pairs of Double Bi-Fold doors enable the Furnace Room to be opened completely for service work and storage.

Furnace Room with both sets of doors open

This is the bulkhead that houses the Main Water Shut Off. I made the entire top piece (trim and all) removable to access the faucet.

Round ceiling diffusers. I do not like the original builder installed grilles and replace them whenever I get the chance.


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  1. WOW WOW & WOW!!!! HOLY SON OF A GUN!!!! Dhiraj you are the man!!! Awesome job...fantastic.
    Major bragging for me... "My cousin did the basement".


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