Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living Space - Outdoor Kitchen

In it's original configuration, the side passage housed the BBQ and potting accouterments (the homeowner is an avid cook and gardener). I sought to bring together both of these endeavors by creating an outdoor kitchen and potting bench that flanked the BBQ. I took the 'outdoor kitchen' one step further by adding a sink with running water and shelves that would in normal circumstance hold utensils. Here, they hold plants. The final touch were the lights that come on automatically at dusk.

If the look seems industrial, it's because the wood is Pressure Treated, the hardware is galvanized and the counter tops are Stainless Steel. All materials that were chosen to withstand the vagaries of Canadian weather.

The plumbing is simple, and can be disconnected before the first frost. The drain has no P Trap as there are no sewer gases to hold back. The drain pipe runs to the rear of the garden and is perforated along it's entire length to irrigate the garden as it drains.

Outdoor Kitchen

Close Up

Kitchen Sink with running Water - Stainless Steel countertops were custom fabricated by a local plate shop

Simple plumbing allowing disconnection in winter

Garden irrigation

Night shot with lights

Another dusk shot


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