Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deck Build - Rear Deck

This is the rear deck and the deck that got the whole conversation started. Built using the same design principle as the front deck, I added a wrap around step that doubles up as a seating during parties....

As with the other two areas, lights come on at dusk....

This deck is 20' x 10' and like the front, spans the entire width of the house. I maintained only one wrap around on the main level as the width of the deck forced me to use staggered joints.

The additional platform makes for a fluid transition from the side deck to the rear deck.

Close up of the decking pattern on the platform

Close up of the stairs

This 'bench' came about from the homeowners need to have the basement windows left uncovered. This posed a problem as they also have a 1 year old grandson. My solution.... a bench that can be flipped over when he visits - keeping him safe.

Faux 'campaign' style made by joining two scrap 2x10's in a X pattern. Additional bracing means that the bench can actually be used.


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  1. Instead of remembering to flip over the bench, why not just insert a sheet of glass or plexi over the light well?

  2. The customer insisted on the window being fully functional with regards to air and light...


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