Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deck Build - Side Passage

This deck was initially not planned for. I convinced the homeowners to allow me to remove the steps from the garage and the back door and install a single platform step that would allow easier access to the garage from the back door without having to step down and then up again. The homeowner then asked if I could build a surface deck to cover the aged patio stones. Sure I could.... and I did!!!

Here are some before and after pictures.

Before - Uneven concrete pavers - some broken, most cracked down the center.

Before - 2 mismatched sets of stairs. One wood and the other concrete. Heights did not match. The wooden one was loose, causing a trip hazard.

After - A larger platform step at the rear make entry and exit into the Garage or House, a Hands-Free affair. The A/C unit has since been covered and the hose relocated.

A Before and After View of the space

Details - Top Left, Gas BBQ hookup - Top Right, Window well wrap - Bottom Left, Power Ingress - Bottom Right, Gas shut off

More to follow on this space......


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