Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fireplace Demolition - Or - How I spent my Saturday

This Saturday I decided to finally remove the obsolete fireplace in the basement. Before anyone decides to go postal on me for removing what seems to be a perfect woodburning fireplace - let me assure you that it was not.
The fireplace was an open style wood burner that I used all of once in the winter of 2007/2008. After that I decided that it just was not worth the effort to have the entire house smell like a smoker!!!!

Besides, the chimney stack was plumbed through the basement ceiling, right through Aaliyah's floor and out through her ceiling. I addressed this in 2008 when I removed the chimney, and repaired Aaliyah's floor prior to refinishing it. Lynda and the girls stood outside the window and took care of the bricks and the rubble.

Posts are here, here, here, and here.

I decided to get rid of the fireplace as the basement plan calls for wall to wall bookcases (my comic collection growed!!!) I also had to make place for Lynda to relocate her stuff while I redid her (our) studio.

I made a time lapse movie using over 400 images spanning three hours using a YongNuo MC-36R  timer that  I purchased from Ebay. Images were taken at 20 second intervals. I was quite please at the timer as I paid just CAD 36.00. A similar offering from Canon would've set me back hundreds.

Starring....... Me.

A bigger video uploaded to YouTube here

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