Friday, February 20, 2009

Washroom & Laundry Room Build - Part 2

Yesterday, we completed all the piping. It was more complicated that previously envisioned. The system had a silt trap that led off from the Weeping Tile from the perimeter of the house which led into another trap that led up to the floor drain. This trap was then connected to the sanitary side of the drain. The system was not done so well in the first place, but I was convinced by Mike that the Weeping Tile side needed to be loosely fit in order for the water table to seep into the system and eventually drain, thereby eliminating the possibility of a flood.

This morning I had to get a Fernco coupling from Home Depot to connect the 4" Clay Tile to the 4" ABS pipe that will come up to floor level. Having installed the ABS pipe, I then proceeded to fill in the hole and tamp it down. I will give it a couple of days to settle down, adding more sand as necessary.

The warren of pipes

Another angle

Filled in


  1. Ah yes! that's that's the collective noun I've been looking for to describe a bunch (generally reserved for flowers) of drill pipe to the men. Next time they'll get it right when I tell them to, "Get me a WARREN of 5" drill pipe and prepare it for drilling asap"

  2. A 'Warren' is a word used to describe a maze-like or labyrinthine arrangement of pipes. Not a 'bunch'!!!

  3. Now here's a fair bunch of gobbledegook, I'll warrant.


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