Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Bad for a Day's Work!!!

Captain's Log - Star Date -313871.7393138002 
(That's February the 16th to you luddites)

Wow. By my own admission, I did accomplish a lot.

1. Built an High Definition antenna for free OTA (Over The Air) HD 
programming. The design was based on a Channel Master 4 Bay antenna

2. Painted Lynda's Walk in Closet. Color choice was 'Cloud' from 
Boomerang Paint. Boomerang makes a range of pre colored 
finishes made from recycling old paint. Sold by the Sally store, 
the cost is less than half of what regular paint costs at the big 
box stores.

3. Finally installed a Programmable Thermostat for the furnace. 
I had scored a Honeywell 5-1-1 Programmable Thermostat at 
one of the Garage Sales in summer for CAD 5.00. The cost of 
something similar is CAD 50.00 ++

4. Installed a Double Glazed window in the kitchen door which 
replaces a single pane of sheet glass that had no insulating 
properties whatsoever. The new pane was from the Flea Market
(Brand New) and cost me CAD 30.00. I had to enlarge the 
opening and it looks and feels amazing.

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