Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plan for Today

This morning Lynda wants to get her hair cut and colored. This leaves me at a loose end with the girls.

So. What's a day without a plan.......

1. Drop Lynda off to the mall.
2. Drop off Aaliyah's completed books to the Brampton Library.
3. Drop in to the Flea Market for the latest movies.
4. Visit Ikea to have a look at the wall mounted Ann Sink that I plan to have installed in the washroom. (Pay the girls in 1$ Frozen Yogis for bearing with me) - (A frozen yogi is not a hermit from high up in the Himalayas)
5. Visit the Tiger Direct Superstore in Vaughan to buy the ATSC receiver that will allow me to receive HD signals on my CRT unit. This is to prove to me that the system works and once and for all show everyone how they can stick it to Roggers and Belll for charging 35+ $ for channels that are inherently free.
6. Drop in to Value Village at the side of Tiger Direct to pick up cheap reads and look for hackable tech.

So that's the plan. What to do after 12??????? Hmmmmmm. Got to keep busy. Got to keep busy.


  1. Hi Noella. Thank you for that. No plans for any restrictions!!! Lynda says Hi!!!

  2. It's good that you didn't pick up that urinal-looking sink. The actual one you are looking at looks really good, a million times better than the other.


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