Sunday, January 4, 2009

Turntable Hack

For the longest time, I've wanted to digitize my audio, allowing access to my 600+ (and growing) collection of CDs. At one point I even considered an iPod, with a DLO dock. That would have limited me to encoding my music in the lossless AAC format instead of the more preferred (by audiophiles) WAV or FLAC formats. I finally settled down to eventually building myself a Media Server, but was still stumped by what I was to use as a monitor to make my selections. I could have used the TV, but that would've meant keeping the TV on, and that is something that we try to keep off as much as possible.

Then it struck me. I currently have a Turntable that I like to listen to, so why not pair it up with yet another turntable (DJ style) but instead of the platter I would replace it with a monitor while keeping the tonearm and dust cover as a nod to it's heritage. 

The Donor Turntable is an old Sansui SR-222 Belt Drive that I scored from the Value Village for CAD 7.00. I felt quite bad about ripping it apart... for about 5 seconds.

But by now I would've lost you all. So why don't I just illustrate the same in pictures.

I have yet to build the Media Server, and will do so in the coming months.

With the Dust Cover open. Running Album Player. I have yet to paint the monitor Bezel Flat Black

The Tone Arm installed just for looks 

From the side. The Sansui Badge intact

With the Dust Cover closed


  1. Now here's an idea that truly scores over the outdated, yet well intentioned 'blinker'. Good show brother and also, I'd like to add, an extremely neat and clean job. Really well finished!

  2. That is truely superb! Now please, please hook up your speakers!


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