Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pimp My Dining Table

Having spent Christmas with the D'Souza's (Chaves, Baptistas, Gonsalves'), Lynda wanted to do something with the Fernandes side as well. We decided on dinner on the 28th. We wanted this to be a sit down dinner but our current table can only seat 6 comfortably, and we were to have 12 persons at the table.

I got myself down to the Depot on the 28th morning and bought 3 lengths of 2 x 12 x 12'.

Unfortunately even with all of the precautionary flashing lights tied to the 2' that was protruding out the rear of the van, I was pulled over by Peel's Finest to be informed that it was illegal to drive with the rear door wide open. Having explained myself and what I was up to, I was then offered an escort home. What an experience to be escorted home by the POPO, flashing lights and all...

Anyways, not much to explain on the construction. I used the existing legs of our dining table which is of the 'Farmhouse' style. I replaced the central lower support with a 2 x 6 x 8' which meant that the table essentially cantilevered 2' at each end.

The table was an absolute B***h to turn over, but Lynda assisted and all was well.

It came out quite well and comfortably sat the 12 of us with ample elbow room for everyone.

The Planks laid out. They are heavy

The braces screwed in and the central lower support being prepped for cutting

The legs attached to the planks and the central support braced in place

Voila!! 12' Farmhouse table for CAD 54 and change.

And here's the table all decorated and set. My basement ceiling was removed and is still a work in progress!!


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