Sunday, January 18, 2009

Retro Radio Redux - Part 1

This is just me being totally impatient. The Radio is nowhere near complete, but all cosmetics are in place. After finding out that the cheapest roll of window tint was CAD 17.00, I decided to beg as a cheaper option.

Turns out that beggars are on to a good thing. The first two shops said that they were not in the habit of maintaining any of the scraps as they were generally of no use to anyone. The third shop invited me in, took an interest in what I was going to use the tint for and gave me a piece for free. This guy did not believe in throwing anything out. Probably was an Indian in a previous life.

After tinting the glass, I mounted the grille cloth (Parts Express # 261-810) and reassembled the entire unit together. I have yet to get some dummy potentiometers to hold the knobs in place. The knobs have no function as the Squeezebox has a remote controlled volume, with a built in Pre-Amp stage.

I mounted the Squeezebox in place just to see if it was visible through the tinted glass. Here are some pictures of what the unit will look like, sitting in my Living Room and pretending to be that what it is not.

Pictures were handheld and without flash as that would wash out the display.

In Screensaver mode - Faux Analogue VU meters

Now Playing - From my Music Library on my Laptop

Searching for Internet Radio - Bosnia anyone????

A Station in Amsterdam

Railroad Radio in Vancouver


  1. Hey Whatanar**, you've been a busy bee of late with the personal projects in 2009, impressive.

  2. Yes I have. It's that damned round table that we scored at the ReStore. Suddenly I have my very own place to create.......

  3. and he said it would be a game table - D dot Raj wot men!

  4. Aray, wat men Lynda, don't you see he's playing games with you?! "Honey, let's get a game table." meanwhile he chuckles to himself and relishes his new worktable/bench or whatever name he's gona dream up. Bet you it's gona be a flufinarggen!


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