Friday, October 14, 2016

Jeffcoat Basement Entertainment Room Reveal in Etobicoke

We have been busy the last few months working on a 30+ yrs old basement in a house originally built in the 1940's. The Etobicoke basement needed a complete overhaul and we transformed it into a modern entertainment room, light filled kitchen, sleek washroom and a spare room. Here we reveal how we took this tiny space, blew out walls, moved and added gas lines, and reworked HVAC ducts to open the entire 800+ sq ft space that would meet with our clients entertaining needs. 

The main room was covered in faux wood cladding, false ceiling panels and a vinyl floor. The space was divided into a larger sitting area, and a smaller mechanical cum storage room. By breaking the wall between the furnace room and the main room we created one large space. The Furnace, water heater and laundry pair were hidden behind double bi-fold doors that were painted the same color of the walls to lessen the impact that white doors would have. Flush handles maintain the sleek look without protruding out as would regular knob handles.

The Entertainment area was zoned into Home Theater, Custom wet bar and Darts game area.

6 x 24 Wood Look Plank Porcelain Tile throughout the space. An unwieldy support pillar called for a custom treatment that is reminiscent of  an Egyptian Obelisk 
Lighting options include zoned lighting, recessed fittings, ceiling fittings and wall sconces. All light sources are LED
Upgraded Step Bevel baseboards and casing throughout the space add a level of sophistication. Three niches were constructed to add architectural interest to the space.
Glass Railings with Brushed Nickel Handrails were selected to open up the space and add a modern touch
Our client, a championship darts player has a dedicated darts board that matches the space while maintaining full functionality with a dedicated spot light and integrated score board
LED RGB strip lighting was integrated into the crown moulding and can be selected to show any color in the visible spectrum

  • Solid butcher block counter tops with waterfall edges 
  • Backlit (LEDs) frosted glass panel on front of bar whose color can be adjusted to display any color
  • Recessed LED lighting for counter top
  • Double niches for display with integrated lighting
  • Door under stairs custom built for glasses, swings open to reveal storage under stairs
  • Chrome under counter sink and matching hardware
  • Floor is tiled with wood look porcelain tiles
  • All control panels for the lights are touch screen and are recessed in the bar front
  • Screwless face plates used for all switches

The custom built glass display door opens to reveal storage under the stairs

SHINING A SPOTLIGHT ON HOBBIES - At Wilde North Interiors we are always excited when a client requests that their hobby or collection be integrated into the design. The homeowner, a championship darts player, had requested that his darts board figure somewhere in to the scheme. We eschewed the traditional pub like darts cabinets and opted instead to custom build a recessed cabinet covered by Ikea Jutis doors using blum 270 degree full inset hinges. The inside of the doors were covered in hardboard and painted with blackboard paint to serve a dual purpose as a score board and to protect the glass doors from stray darts. A LED pin spot lights up the darts board when being used.

Home Theater built for 7.1 speaker systems,  recessed media cabinet, hidden subwoofer, 

A double wall allowed us to mount a fully articulated TV bracket onto the primary wall allowing the TV to sit flush against the secondary wall. The resultant chase allowed us to hide all cables between the Media Cabinet and TV 

Recessed LED lighting in the stairs
Glass railings and Crystal chandeliers add to the modern look

Light will guide you home ...

And ignite you bones ......

And I will try to fix your Basement!!!!!!!!

Cue guitars......

We thank our lovely clients for giving us this opportunity to transform their living space and having faith in our design vision. This basement is a labor of love for us and we wish our clients many years of enjoying this space with family and friends.

Work has started on the next basement in Missisauga - RAINPARK BASEMENT - and sneak peeks will be leaked on Instagram so follow along to stay in the loop. See more of our work and keep in touch with us through Facebook, Pinterest or Newsletter.


Big Hugs


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